Camera Rexplored

Eyes of the SLR, brain of the phone.


* iCam by Zeki Ozek is qualified for the Red Dot Design Concept 2011 final

By the time phones become more intelligent, their photo capabilities can not be better by the physical limits. This design by Zeki Ozek, suggests connecting iPhone at the back of camera with 30 pin connector. With an app, you can do anything a camera do itself by the phone.

You can;

- Use real lenses
- Use the CCD or CMOS of new body instead of 5MP iPhone CMOS sensor
- Use optical zoom
- Save your photos directly to phone, to an ftp address, share or mail them.
( This will be faster than any SD card.)
- Record better hd videos or video call with better videos
- Edit your photos with any app, use iCam app for camera setup.

These can change everything, again…

*** Shown with a Sony Nex 5

Red Dot Mail
Final notification mail from Red Dot Design Award Organisation.


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